Knowledge Cotton

Knowledge Cotton

The story and success of Danish menswear brand Knowledge Cotton Apparel is built on three equally important factors: Curiosity, perseverance and care. These three factors not only form an important part of the company’s history, but also of its future.

The fringe benefit of mistake
”It all started in an old fire station in 1969 with a second-hand knitting machine my father and I had brought home from England. I was 21 years old, and I knew absolutely nothing about textiles. But I was taught the hard way – by making and fixing my own mistakes”, Jørgen Mørup tells.


A passion for quality
”Despite starting with an old, second hand machine, as business progressed, I saw the advantages of technology”, Jørgen Mørup explains.

Technology is a lot like knowledge. It evolves and makes what was once difficult easier. And Jørgen Mørup spent hours searching for new technology and ideas that would help to increase his business.

“Both technology and time mean something very special to me. Quality takes time. I believe in an original and natural product, and this is the root of my love for cotton. I am inspired by the simplicity and honesty of a fiber that is planted as a seed and harvested as a plant over time”.

Pioneering organic fashion in Denmark

At the end of the 1980s, Jørgen Mørup began working with organic cotton. And in 2008, together with his son Mads Mørup, Jørgen Mørup founded Knowledge Cotton Apparel, a clothing line for men that uses eco-friendly textiles.



We believe in challenging the status quo. We do so by using Organic and sustainable materials and by exploring the undiscovered. We create inspiring designs that never compromise comfort nor quality and by using cutting edge technologies that embrace sustainable fibers and manufacturing techniques.

Our brand philosophy is centered on the core elements of-


Earn Respect

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