Geox Winfred Lace Up Shoe

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Contemporary hybrid men’s shoe that is breathable, light, cushioned and flexible. These Winfred shoes are the perfect fusion between a classic shoe and a trainer with their modern, contemporary design that is right in step with current trends. Made from navy suede, they feature a contrasting perforated sole that creates the perfect micro-climate for keeping feet dry at all times. The EVA sole ensures lightness, flexibility and cushioning, making for a comfortable stride with an absolute feeling of well-being, which is taken to whole new levels by the leather lining and insole. 

The rubber evergreen sole, patented by Geox, has changed the world of footwear.
Cutting-edge technology combining a perforated sole with a resistant, breathable and water-repellent membrane, allowing natural temperature regulation and creating a micro-climate inside the shoe that leaves the foot dry throughout the day.

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